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February 15

Yangon, Myanmar

There’s nothing worse than leaving a party just as it’s starting to kick off. That’s the feeling I had leaving Myanmar tonight. All the dirty, dusty little shacks that we passed on the way into Yangon were lit up with neon and the promise of cold beers. How could we possibly miss this? In the […]

February 10

Bali, Indonesia

Kuta beach in Bali, Indonesia is a large, sand beach, surrounded by all manner of shopping, restaurants, shrines, street vendors, and other assorted bric-a-brac. I’ve been to Bali several times before but never to Kuta beach. This was by far the best time I’ve had in Bali. Bali is total sensory overload. Everything is super […]

January 28

Vietnam – Phu My

I made my first visit to Vietnam today in the town of Phu My, which is the port for Ho Chi Min City. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make the 2-hour or so journey into Ho Chi Min City, also known as Saigon, but I did manage to visit a Pagoda, a temple, and […]

November 16

Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

Australia’s Barossa valley is one of the largest agricultural and wine producing regions in Australia. This is somewhat ironic considering that it is located just outside the driest capital of the driest state on the driest continent on earth. South Australia and its capital, Adelaide, can be a veritable dust ball for much of the […]

October 22

I’m pretty sure they eat people here…a few pics from Vanuatu

Here are a few pics from the small island nation of Vanuatu. This group of islands is located in the South Pacific, vaguely Northeast of Australia. This place is somewhat mysterious…full of dense tropical jungles, rocky reef breaks, outrigger canoes, and lovely beaches. Also, i’m pretty sure they eat people here…or at least they used […]

September 30

Tahiti and Bora Bora

Here is some eye-candy from Tahiti and Bora Bora. These places are incredible and there’s not much that I can say that will describe them better than the pictures. These places really look like this! The views at the pool and ocean at the Hotel Intercontinental in Papeete, which is on the island of Tahiti. […]

September 26

The mind is such a fragile mystery…

Today I saw a bird. Most days that wouldn’t really be a very significant event but I’m currently 10 days into a Pacific crossing from San Francisco to Sydney and currently we’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We crossed the equator some time last night. I guess the water in the toilets goes […]

July 30

Mt Juneau

Last week Berti, Nashir, and I climbed Mt Juneau. Here are some pics from the trek. Mt Juneau sits behind the city of Juneau and rises to 3,576 ft above sea level. It’s a few miles by foot to the trailhead and then up for a couple of hours. The trail is narrow at places […]

July 23


I haven’t posted anything about Alaska yet this season. This is the 3rd season I’ve done in Alaska and it’s been a busy one. I’ve just stepped back down to sideman status after a little over 2 months of being the Musical Director and after a week of doing relatively little I now have the […]

April 13

Man it Pours… (California Part 2)

A few weeks have past since I made the first California post. I’ve finally made it out in every port…tendering has made it all but impossible several times. This itinerary is really different from anything that I’ve done before, mainly because it’s almost entirely in the United States. The scenery is pretty incredible and quite […]