Monthly Archives: August 2013

August 23

Connecting notes on clarinet: A short lesson based on ‘Ceora.’

I feel that connecting notes in a truly fluid way is the most important and most challenging aspect of clarinet playing. I’m always looking for new methods to approach this subject and recently I’ve been exploring the head to Lee Morgan’s ‘Ceora’ with this in mind. I chose this tune for two reasons; because it’s […]

August 19

Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Yesterday I spent a few hours in the Russian culture wing of Saint Petersburg’s massive Hermitage Museum. Sprawling through 6 buildings, the museum contains over 3 million items on display ranging from Egyptian Sarcophagi to Italian renaissance masterworks. I focused on the Russian culture wing which had many oils, tapestries, and metalworks. The exhibits I […]

August 10


Controlling the intonation of the saxophone and indeed of most instruments is a difficult affair. Each instrument has individual tendencies and general trends resulting from bore design, tone hole placement, and key opening discrepancies. Despite these difficulties it is extremely important that all saxophonists learn to control the intonation to an extreme degree.   I […]

August 08

A truly medieval experience…

  So, if you were going to visit a medieval city such as Tallinn, Estonia, you might have several ideas about what kind of experience you’d be looking for. For some this might mean sightseeing and photographing the incredibly well preserved walls of this historic area, for others eating local foods and drinking some honey […]