A truly medieval experience…

Tallinn Walls


So, if you were going to visit a medieval city such as Tallinn, Estonia, you might have several ideas about what kind of experience you’d be looking for. For some this might mean sightseeing and photographing the incredibly well preserved walls of this historic area, for others eating local foods and drinking some honey beers. However, there is one activity that I must recommend to absolutely anyone looking for fun, archery.


Bullseye Tallinn


That’s right,  a good old-fashioned bow sending your arrows ripping through the air destined for god knows where. I’m not a particularly violent person, nor do I have any interest in hunting or weapons in general but everything about this activity is totally sweet. You put this awesome 3-fingered glove on one hand and a cool leather wrap on your other forearm.  Then with minimal instruction and just enough regard for safety to make you realize that you are pretty much unsupervised with a weapon that you don’t really know how to use, you’re off shooting…or whatever it is that a bow and arrow actually does.


Truth be told, the people running the range are really great and willing to help you get your form down if you want to get serious about accuracy. However they’re also pretty cool to stand back if you just want to make it rain arrows indiscriminately all about the range.


Once you’ve finished your barrage, the guys will go pull out your arrows and tell you your score so you can taunt your opponents, get all full of national pride for beating some Russians, or just win with grace. Yeah right, like anyone would do that.


Archery 2

Archery in Tallinn


You can read more about the place that we went to at www.kuldnool.ee.