Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Yesterday I spent a few hours in the Russian culture wing of Saint Petersburg’s massive Hermitage Museum. Sprawling through 6 buildings, the museum contains over 3 million items on display ranging from Egyptian Sarcophagi to Italian renaissance masterworks. I focused on the Russian culture wing which had many oils, tapestries, and metalworks. The exhibits I found most interesting were all contained in one long hallway. As I passed through the hallway, each room was a recreation of a room from one palace or another. It was one room after another of elaborate dining rooms, bedrooms, and sitting rooms. Here are some photos from the experience:

GatewayThe huge entrance to the square which contains the museum.

Hermitage outsideThe main entrance to the museum from the square.

Inside Hermitage gold

Inside Hermitage stairsThe first few hallways are quite striking, filled with gold and ornate archways.

Ceiling and Chandelier

Fancy Table

LibraryA library room.

Uncomfortable furnitureSome rather uncomfortable looking furniture.


Russian StuffSome super Russian-looking stuff.

Malachite roomThe Malachite Room, one of my favorites.

Hermitage up closeCloser to the actual entrance, which is in the Winter Palace. Through the archways is a large open area with fountains and grass and trees.

This is a tiny sample of some of the stuff inside. There is so much that it becomes a bit overwhelming even after just a few hours. Highly enjoyable!