Monthly Archives: January 2016

January 18

Hemi-Demi-Semi-Truths Vol. 2 The Origin of the Danish Half Sandwich

  In Today’s Hemi-Demi-Semi-Truth, we’ll explore one of the world’s great culinary anomalies, The Danish Half Sandwich. Anyone who has traveled to Denmark will have encountered the half sandwich option on just about any menu. This is a wide spread practice throughout Denmark, however many people are surprised to find out that there is a […]

January 11

Hemi-Demi-Semi-Truths vol.1 Crabs Eat Rocks

Hemi-Demi-Semi-Truths is a brand new, occasionally infrequent column I’m launching at Here, I will explain some of the more esoteric things that I have learned in my travels. As someone who has been filling the internet with nonsense, professionally, for a few years now, I have decided that it’s time I give back and […]