Monthly Archives: October 2015

October 09

Andrew Meyer Quartet @ Gallery 121 Oct 24th

I’m excited to announce that my quartet will be playing live jazz @ Gallery 121 in Massillon, OH from 8.00-11pm on October 24th. The group features Alex Ayers on Piano, Vinny Vivaqua on Bass, Dustin May on Drums, and myself on saxophone. We’ll be playing standards/bossa nova. Gallery 121 is a really unique spot in […]

October 06

Saxophone Palm Key Risers [how to make good ones]

Saxophones have traditionally been designed for people with little girl hands. Most saxophonists that I know find that their left hand palm keys do not come up as high as they would like and eventually find some way to compensate for them. While annoying, this is done for good reason. If all saxophones were made […]

October 04

Correct Saxophone Intonation (Overcoming the Natural Intonation Spectrum)

Those of you who know me are probably bored of hearing me talk about intonation and the need for a comprehensive system because i’m always banging on about it, but I believe it’s important. I firmly believe that in order to play the saxophone in tune, you have to have a comprehensive system in place […]