This Week’s Shows 10.17.21

This week started out early, both in the year and the day for the Bent’s annual Christmas Opening. Christmas in October sounds a bit crazy to me but not for the droves of people coming in to see all of this years offerings at Bents. This was the same place where I played the fashion show a few weeks back so it was nice to be called back. Easy day, and always nice to work for Anita Ryan, total pro and great agent.

Next up was the most significant gig of the week. I played at Matt and Phreds with Jim Wallace’s Gypsy project on Thursday night for a sold out crowd. I first sat in at Matt and Phreds about 5 five years ago before Jane and I had really decided that we would move to Manchester. Back then, playing here was just a sort of distant dream so to finally play here for a sold out crowd with my own band really felt like a milestone. It’s been a crazy year and this felt like an important night. The band sounded great, some good friends came out and it was a blast.

Finally, we had a lovely little Sunday afternoon hit at Stutter and Twitch at the Secret Garden in Altrincham this afternoon. We played a charity event at this cool little coffee/beer/vinyl spot a few weeks back and they asked us back. Nice to see some familiar places and a lovely way to spend the afternoon.