This Week’s Shows 10.3.21

This week was a nice change of pace and an opportunity to put my clarinet on the back burner for a bit and focus on saxophone. I had two events, one a big corporate fashion show at Bents Garden Center, and the second a birthday party at a restaurant called Gorge. For the Bents fashion show, I played an hour chillout set as people were coming in and then got up with the singer and host, Anita Ryan for a number to open the show. (You can see a little clip of that here.) The event had a really impressive lighting set up and a catwalk for the show. I really enjoy playing these chillout sets in environments that have been thoughtfully prepared. I tend to think of these sets as “atmospheric entertainment,” so it works really well when it’s in a curated space.

The second event I played for this week was a birthday party at a cool restaurant in Prestwich called Gorge. They had rented the enclosed back patio out and had a good time dancing and whatnot. It’s always nice to drop into someone else’s scene and provide a good time for them for a few hours.