This Week’s Shows 1.14.17

It’s been many weeks since I’ve done a ‘This Weeks Shows.’ Much has happened…and also nothing has really happened. Basically I’ve just been without a functioning keyboard to type this post! This week I played for one of my favorites, Pete Matthews, which was as hilarious as ever. I can basically write out all of his jokes because I’ve done the show so many times but for some reason they still get me. Last night was a new show for me, Inna Tolstova, who plays the violin somewhat in the Lindsey Stirling vein. Nice show and nice arrangements…though I am a bit dubious of the ‘dubstep violin’ thing. Aside from these the last couple of months have seen the regular crowd shuffling through, Jayne Curry, David Austen (on Christmas day no less!!), Andrew Derbyshire, a couple of girl groups, some Buble Boys, basically the works. I did Rock City on New Years eve, which was kind of sweet since it meant finishing at 10.30pm!


Other than the shows, I’ve been doing a lot of trio sets with piano and bass. We’re fond of quoting Chet Baker with ‘You have to be a pretty good drummer to be better than no drummer at all.’ Basically I’m trying to make the group quieter and quieter. I’m playing a lot of soprano and trying to simplify.

I’m also preparing some original music for some dates in Cleveland and South Bend at the end of Feb/beginning of March. On the program will be my three pieces that I published last year at Dorn Publications, and a few new pieces, as well as Aeolian Reeds and Northern Stomp. More on that later…