This week’s shows 10-29-16

It’s been a couple of favorites and a couple of new new acts recently. Bruce Springsteen to broadway, nice arrangements with a fantastic pianist, and some faces I haven’t  seen for a while.

Ben Mills has one of my favorite shows to play. It’s rock n roll; the Boss, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, et al. He’s got a huge voice and plays piano and guitar very well. Also…playing the Born To Run solo is always fun.

I haven’t seen Mike Doyle for about a year, which feels quite strange. It seems like most years we do his show a dozen times or so. Mike was funny as always. There aren’t many people out there who can make me laugh after I’ve heard their jokes 20-30 times!

Kim Purling was a new show for me, although I’d heard good things. It was a real treat to play these great arrangements with such a sensitive and nuanced player. This was a great opportunity to work in a level of deep detail and explore the extremes of the dynamic spectrum. 

Andrew Derbyshire is someone i’m happy to say has become a friend over the past year. This was the last time I’ll be doing his show until spring. He’s  a pleasure to work with and puts out a great vibe anytime he’s on the stage. He’s got a few of my favorite pop alto tunes in his book, which is cool.