New solo pieces available!

I’m very pleased to announce that 3 of my compositions for solo soprano saxophone have been published by Dorn Publications and are currently available for purchase. These pieces come together in a set of three called Three Improvisations for Soprano Saxophone, though they are intended to be performed as seperate works. 

The three pieces are:

Most Magical Night

Each Day We Lose 5 Minutes and 21 Seconds of Daylight

Forever Bright

Each of these pieces involves improvisation in a unique way. Most Magical Night contains written cellular material that is repeated at the discretion of the performer in an homage to Terry Riley as well as small sections of completely free improvisation. Each Day We Lose…has the performer going into and coming out of written material by improvising, leading to a deeply personal performance of this haunting melody. Forever Bright takes its title from a personal mantra of the composer and features virtuosic runs, quiet moments of reflection, and a chance for expressive and bold improvisation.

These  pieces are currently available on Amazon at: Three Imrovisations for Soprano Saxophone

They will soon be listed on the Dorn Publications website under unaccompanied saxophone products.

I hope you’ll consider adding one of my pieces to a program of yours and please let me know if you do!