This week’s shows. 9-8-16

Celtic music, a little bit of swing, and lots of pop ballads this week. Actually…mostly pop music for the last few days, which has been cool. Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to sink my teeth into some aggressive alto playing. 

First up was Claire Vinkesteijn. This was the beginning of the pop ballads. I haven’t done Claire’s show since we did a big run around Christmas last year. She was a runner up on Hollands Got Talent a few years ago. I misunderstood something she said a couple of years ago and for the longest time i believed she wrote Ed Sheeran’s ‘thinking out loud. ‘ Pretty funny. 

Next up was the Mcdonald Brothers. We did 6 shows with them this time. All celtic music, irish and scottish. Not styles i know super well but easy and fun to play. Who wouldn’t love a show that ends with 500 Miles?

Star of stage and reality tv, Darren Day came next. His show has lots of short impersonations so it’s a good challenge to stay on top of all the tempos on a lengthy set list. Darren has a bunch of great stories about all sorts of people as well.

Last but not least was Laura Broad. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done this show so it was nice to see her again. Lots of pop ballads and such.