This week’s shows 8-22-16

This week has been lots of swing with a few different crooner types. Deano, Sinatra, Buble, amongst others. Nice to see some people i haven’t seen for a while and great to work with some new acts as well.

First up was Michael Bublé tribute act Kai Mckenzie. This was the first time I’ve played this show. A lot of people do this material, but Kai does it really well. Nice charts and the show was totally live, which is cool because a lot of tribute acts are using backing tracks and other assorted trickery these days. 

Next up was someone who is becoming a good friend of mine, Ollie Mulkeen. He’s  a vocalist and trumpeter who has come around a few times this season. The show is mostly swing and jive and that sort of thing. I’m looking forward to doing this show again in a few weeks. 

Finally, Sam Kane rounded out the week. He played Deano in the Rat Pack is Back in London’s west end. Sam’s always funny, and a total pro to work with. Fun to play a Dean Martin show without all of the cheesy ‘Amore’ and bad drinking jokes!