Vintage Sobriquet Videos

Now that I have constant access to blazing fast wifi I found some videos of my band from Indiana days called Sobriquet. Here are two videos from our last gig. The first is an original tune on a pretty epic scale titled ‘Strophs’ and the second is a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Morning Bell.’ The videos were done by Deaf Matt in South Bend. I didn’t even know that they existed until today!


This band was a trio with Eli Kahn and Arthur Schroeder. Eli plays a guitar with a couple of bass strings on it, which is a super creative instrument because it forces you to play differently than someone would with a regular guitar or bass for practical reasons. This time spent in Indiana was a really creative time for me. Our band did pretty much everything together. Almost every day we ate thai food and wrote music. Pretty much ideal.


Also…enjoy this sweet haircut that I was rocking. I mastered the one-handed held note/hair-flick-with-free-hand move!





Also, we called our music ‘Adult Melodic.’ Here’s a like to a pretty funny newspaper interview that we did about it.