St Maarten…the patron saint of days off!

People always ask me which port is my favorite and it’s always pretty tough to decide between Sidney, Copenhagen, Aruba, and many other killer places. St. Maarten always promises great times. I don’t know much about Catholicism or saints in general but i’m pretty sure that St Maarten is the patron saint of days off! Those in the industry will know all about honky tonk and the numerous other watering holes but for those readers who don’t venture to these latitudes frequently, here are some photos:

honky tonk

My favorite drink…long island ice tea…from the buddha bar.


For those on ships…chesterfields is pretty much the first stop from the port…totally solid food! Conch salad! Yes!!  …and also pretty nice view…not a bad way to wait out the st maaten rains that seem to come every day!



The boardwalk…or whatever you call it in st maarten. Aslo, can we agree on how many vowels are in the name of this place? It seems like every map is different.

I was hoping to get a photo of the boardwalk star…singing karaoke with her neon tights but I guess I arrived too late…or maybe she’s dead? Shame…anyone seen her lately?

beach 1