St. Elsewhere…

Just a little wrap up about a few other places i’ve been lately…

So there’s this little island that Royal Caribbean owns…apparently not only oil sheiks can claim their own islands. This one is in the bahamas and is actually quite lovely. Having been to Labadee, in Haiti, the other Royal Caribbean Island I would say that this one is much more enjoyable.

Coco Cay Port


Coco Cay seems much larger than Labadee and the beach reaches on for quite a distance. The water stays quite shallow for a long way out. I walked out about a quarter of a mile and the water was never more than shin deep…though when I got to the end there was a shark swimming about on the other side of the quay.

cocoa cay 2


Elsewhere there is general island stuff. Palms…prickly stuff to get stuck in your feet…oh yeah…and some awesome water slides!


coco cay 2


cocoa cay beach



So Coco Quay was nice but then we went to Gand Turk in the Turks and Caicos…whatever that means. I don’t think I have ever seen water this pristine. The Barrier Reef was spectacular, Hawaii was incredible, and I love Aruba but damn…these were shades of blue that were completely unbelievable.

grand turk


Back to the US. I’ve been to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands a few times now and there are some great places to hang out. I’m particularly fond of coconuts which is right on the beach. It’s owned by a woman from texas who is tough as nails but totally cool. The beach is lovely and totally worth the walk. Get a ‘painkiller’ while you’re there!

coconuts 1


coconuts 2


coconuts 3



Beyond the pastel colors and boat drinks there is probably some pretty cool history stuff that might be explored later in this blog…including this old fort!



Finally, getting back to the ‘saints’ theme; St Barts was totally lovely as well. Being French it sort of reminds me of  mix between Cannes, Ville Franche, and some other Caribbean destination. Lovely times…nice wine lunch. They say ther are some famous people who have houses there but I couldn’t care less to be honest…

down a notch


I would recommend this bar to anyone who likes good food and good wine. I’ll leave the translation of the name up to my francophone readers.

figure it out