Sharks, Strange Headlines, and Rock Night

There is a lot of weird stuff in the Bahamas. The last night of dry dock, a large group from the ship went to a restaurant called Pier 1. This place is right on the water and has a large balcony with outdoor seating. There are a lot of sharks in the water and every hour they feed them, which makes for quite a show.

sharks 1

sharks 2

I think they are some kind of reef sharks. A few of them were quite large, though I doubt they are very ferocious, as they seem to know when to get a free meal at feeding time!

sharks vid — Here’s a video of them at feeding time!

Earlier that day I took a cab into town, which is a decent ride away from the shipyard. The cab driver was very intent on telling us everything he knew about the Bahamas, all the while driving slower and slower as he got more interested in what he was telling us and less and less interested in the road. He gave me a local newspaper that has some of the strangest headlines I’ve ever seen.

headlines 1

headlines 2

headlines 3

headlines 4

headlines 5

headlines 6

I can’t tell if it was a slow news day or whether these are really important topics to Bahamians.

After we got back from Pier 1, some of the other musicians from the ship put on rock night. It was a mixed group, the rhythm section from the orchestra and a few singers from the lounge acts. They played on the raised part of the open deck at the front of the ship, directly in front of the bridge. It was a nice, balmy night in Freeport and perfect for loud sloppy rock music! I think the guys on the Carnival ship next to us were probably pretty jealous.

rock night

rock night crowd