This Week’s Shows 8.11.21

It feels like and has indeed been forever since I’ve posted one of these weekly roundups. Except for a handful of live performances here and there, the pandemic has pretty much put the kibosh on any kind of live music for me for well over a year now. I’m very grateful to say that it finally seems to be turning around.

I’m playing Gypsy jazz with a new six-piece band here in Manchester though often we play as smaller configurations for private events. Over the weekend we had a little quartet gig for a private function in a some pretty swanky digs out in Radcliff.

Yesterday, we spent all day at WR studios recording and shooting videos. We’ll mainly use this stuff for promotional purposes but it was fun to be back in a studio after quite a while.

I also recently purchased a (new to me) clarinet, which I used for the first time on the gig over the weekend and in the studio. It’s a 1936 B&H 1010 in A, which is quite different to the instruments I usually play in that it is a large bore instrument, also known as an English Bore. This particular instrument was owned by Keith Bird, who was a well-known UK dance band soloist who also lead the RAF Desert Air Force Band and was a long time member of the BBC Show Band. It’s quite and interesting instrument and I’m really enjoying getting to know it better. I like it so much I’m considering looking for a Bb horn to match it.

I saxo/DJ’d an Indian wedding the other day, which was one of the more chaotic experiences of my life, though definitely hilarious and fun. I’ve got two gigs in Warrington and Altrincham this weekend with the band and my calendar is filling up for the fall. Hopefully things will continue to improve with the pandemic and we can all get back to work full time!