Upcoming February Gigs

I’m very pleased to announce two upcoming gigs in the month of February:

On the 10th, I’ll be doing my Saxo/DJ thing at Thai Lanna and Sushi Bar.


I’ll be playing from 7.30-10pm and tickets are $25. It’s a 3-course, fixed menu but I’m pretty sure if you ask nicely you can get anything you want. (I literally saw them make a spaghetti parm for an old lady once!!) Anyway, the food is really stellar at this place and it’s always a fun time. I did this same gig in December and it was a really fun night. Your ticket also includes you in a drawing for $50 gift card.

On the 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, I’ll be playing with my old buddy from Indiana days, Brian James at Stacey’s Food & Spirits in Edwardsburg, Michigan. The Meyer / James Duo used to do this gig on Thursday nights when I was living in Indiana during 2008-2010. I play a lot of clarinet and some saxophone and Brian pulls big warm tones out of his seven-string and we play jazz standards and alike. We’ll be playing from 5-8pm.