The Acropolis is built high up on a hill overlooking Athens. The views of the city extend in all directions to the mountains that ring the city. The same mountains that made Athens a strategically smart location to start a civilization now create a frame for scenic vistas of huge neighborhoods filled with off-white buildings with tiled roofs.

Athens 1


Athens 2

After climbing up the hill and purchasing your ticket, you begin to see the ruins.


At first, they are impressive, but not overwhelming. You enter through a set of columns. At this point you are walking on stones that are a part of the structure.


Then you see it. The Parthenon. You’re slightly downhill from it so you see it against the blue sky and it is very striking. It suddenly doesn’t resemble anything you’ve seen on some lame motivational poster, not because it doesn’t look the same but because those images just don’t do it justice.

parthenon 1


parthenon 2


Here are some other images from around the Parthenon and the Agora.

agora 3


agora 2




agora 1