New Tune — Ataraxia

This Friday’s tune is a bit different from the things I’ve been releasing lately. It’s a darker sort of mood tune, as opposed to the big dancy sort of beats I’ve been putting out lately. I’ve been really digging the music of trumpeter/composer Jon Hassell lately and wanted to dabble a bit in that sonic world.

This tune features deep bass and grinding synths as well as some electric piano. Also, unlike many of my other tunes, there aren’t any long melodies or solo sections, more a collection of short motifs and colors. There are some recurring ideas but the idea was to try to create something coherent without an obvious structure such as head-solo-head.

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Ataraxia is the sensation of happiness created through the suspension of judgment regarding all dogmatic matters. It’s origins are Ancient Greek.

The cover photo for this tune is an original digitally altered image of the Žižkov Television Tower in Prague, which I took and edited.