Other Peoples’ Music

In addition to my own recent release, Goa Variations, I’ve recently had the great pleasure of recording on two albums with close friends and collaborators. The first is an album of sprawling improvisations pinned together by the compositions of Jake Eddy, titled Awake! Jake is the “Eddy” in the Eddy/Meyer Trio, and we’ve worked together a lot over the past two years but this album is quite unlike anything that we’ve done together.


The structure of the album is defined by several short composed sections in each movement, which lead the ensemble into explorative improvisations. The music takes on a serious and contemplative feel, alternating with sections of explosive energy. I play soprano saxophone and the album also includes Ben Baker on bass clarinet, Carter Eddy on Bass, Cole Baker on Drums, Jason Crane on percussion, and of course, Jake Eddy on Guitar. The album is available now on all major streaming services.


Some praise for the album:

“Awake!” proves to be a gorgeous work, one that reveals Jake Eddy to be a master arranger, knowing when to tighten up the group as well as knowing to let go and let the music sprawl.” –Beach Sloth (March 9th, 2020) (Click the link for full review)

“If you’re a fan of jazz, preferably free and modal jazz (as I am), then you’ll thoroughly enjoy Jake Eddy’s “Awake!” This is a project that warrants multiple listens, thanks to its superbly-performed and arranged musical compositions, combined with its interpretative, existential themes of life, death and one’s place in the overarching universe we all belong to. Forgive the pun in advance, but definitely don’t sleep on this one!” –LegallyBlack (March 12, 2020) (Click the link for full review)

The other project I’ve had the pleasure of recording on is also captained by Jake Eddy. This one hasn’t been release yet but here are a couple of teasers of what’s to come. This album is a hip-hop influenced reimagining of mostly standard jazz tunes. The arrangements are far-reaching an cover a variety of styles. Keep your eye out for this one!

Here’s a demo version of Bemsha Swing:

And a demo version of I’m Old Fashioned: