Hello 2020/2019 Wrap Up

Happy New Year all! Yes, I know it’s a bit late. I closed out 2019 with three rather big and very different gigs all within a week. It was a bit crazy and I logged a lot of miles, but it was fun. I played lead alto for a made-for-tv christmas special at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan, played reed 1 for Cirque Musica’s touring holiday show in Huntington WV, and soloed with the Ohio Valley Orchestra in Gallipolis, OH.


The show at the Beacon Theater was by far the biggest of the year. What a blast to be playing in New York at such a storied venue. It was made even sweeter by the fact that I got to work with several friends from cruise ship days who I don’t see very often.


A few days before that, I was playing reed 1 in a rather large pit orchestra for Cirque Musica’s touring holiday show. This was a huge production with a number of ariel and circus acts as well as a rather impressive video screen in the center of the stage. This was a fun challenge for me as the reed 1 book was almost entirely on flute. Mostly I’ve been playing chairs with bari and bass clarinet during the past year so this was a nice change.


Finally…well, actually the first of these gigs was playing the second movement of the Decruck Sonate with the Ohio Valley Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Steven Huang. This is a really fine orchestra that is located down on the Ohio River, kind of in the middle of nowhere. The members come in from several states away and Canada, and are largely comprised of university faculty from around the area. It was a real treat to get to play this piece with a professional orchestra. I also played alto and tenor in the section on the Prokofiev Lt Kije suite and a couple of overtures.