Improvised snowboards!

So today my buddy David and I made a little ski jump and improvised some snowboards. It almost always ended in crashing! Lot’s of engineering went into all of these activities. Here are some of the highlights.

Building the starting ramp.

Building the starting ramp.

I have a really awesome old school toboggan that is great for tobogganing, but even better for making a makeshift snowboard. Keep in mind that I have absolutely no idea how to snowboard. What could possibly go wrong…?

over the edge


toboggon feature


One of the more spectacular crashes…

flying 1


flying 2


Yes, I’m pretty much flying.

Then we got a little more confident and started staging some tricks.

stella drop in


stella grab


Nailed it.

Then, a stroke of genius hit. Why not make this more of a leisure activity?

truely genius invention 1


truely genius invention 2


truely genius invention 3


I found a truly terrible little snowboard/sled thing that is impossible to control…and perfect for this sort of activity!

board wipe out


board wipe out 2


Then I figured i’d try it on my skis, which I actually do know how to use…

improvised ski jump


Not a bad jump…

best wipe out



Not a good landing.

Somehow everything survived that one.

Then for the final trick we made big piles of snow to crash into.

Lead snow architect and engineer, David Yee.

Lead snow architect and engineer, David Yee.


crash 1

crash 2

crash 3


And stick the landing…

crash 4

crash 5