Knowing only of Bilbao from the title of the Pat Metheny song, I really had no idea what to expect upon visiting. The name sounds rather exotic, and Basque country is certainly unknown to me. I was pleasantly surprised to find a vibrant city, quite unlike other areas in spain I’ve visited.

Bilbao Park 2

Bilbao is located at the top of the Iberian peninsula, and is the capital of Basque country. The city is known for having a variety of architectural styles and none is more iconic than the Guggenheim museum.

Bilbao Guggenhiem close up

Bilbao Guggenheim


Bilbao struck me as being more similar to northern Europe than to southern Spain. Aside from the palm trees and the Spanish there seemed to be an almost German sense of order and cleanliness.


Bilbao city scene

BIlbao Castley looking buildings

Bilbao city scene 2


There are huge murals painted on the sides of the highways that ring the city. There are mountains on all sides of the city which make for a nice backdrop.


Bilbao Hill murals

Bilbao coffee


Lebo, my roommate, and I enjoying a cafe con leche.


Bilbao Park